Wildwood Lake, Cheboygan County, MI

Wildwood Valley Property Owners Association and Club (WVPOAC)

Wildwood Lake is located in Sections 21 and 22 of Nunda Township (T.33N, R.2W) in Cheboygan County, Michigan and was created around 1962. The lake surface area is approximately 227.4 acres (Michigan Department of Natural Resources, 2001) and may be classified as a man-made lake (impoundment) with a large, shallow littoral zone.
During the fall of 2009, an initial lake drawdown was implemented on Wildwood Lake, with the goal of reducing the exotic milfoil and nuisance native, floating-leaved pondweed growth. Initial pre-drawdown conditions consisted of 52 acres of Eurasian Watermilfoil and approximately 20 acres of heavy floating-leaved pondweed growth. The lake level was brought to normal levels by spring of 2010 and plentiful rainfall throughout 2010 assured normal lake levels. The drawdown was very successful in the reduction of nearly 17 acres of Eurasian Watermilfoil (as a total of 52 acres were noted during the initial lake management plan study in 2008) and also nearly 10 acres of floating-leaved pondweed. The drawdown process for the control of nuisance aquatic plant growth has been used over the decades with much success (Beard, 1973; Davis et al., 1964; Smith 1971). The Tennessee Valley Authority noted that a lake with a 1.83 meter depth drawdown for a time of 21-25 days during the winter season had a 90% reduction in Eurasian milfoil growth. A similar drawdown with an added 0.5 meters of drawdown depth (relative to 2010) was conducted in 2011 to further control the nuisance milfoil and pondweeds. The lake is a well-balanced ecosystem today due to a custom lake management program. Laminar flow aeration will be used in some of the shallow bays to reduce excess muck and further restore the lake.