Paradise Lake, Emmett County, MI

Paradise Lake Improvement Board

ParadiseLakeParadise Lake is a 1,900-acre meso-eutrophic lake that is surrounded by 9.52 miles of shoreline and has a maximum depth of 15 feet and is located in Emmet and Cheboygan Counties, Michigan. The lake contains a moderate diversity of native submersed aquatic plants with 13 submersed, 1 floating-leaved, and 2 emergent plant species for a total of 16 species. Sediments within Paradise Lake may either originate from the surrounding watershed (allochthonus inputs) or from within the lake (autochthonous inputs). The overall high mean organic matter content of the sediments (mean =57.6%, n=8 samples) indicated that the majority of the organic materials were derived from years of decayed aquatic plant and other biota. The sediments contained very high levels of organic matter which are biodegradable with a combination of laminar flow aeration and bioaugmentation (addition of microbes and enzymes). A laminar flow aeration system with bioaugmentation was installed in the West Basin of Paradise Lake during the summer of 2012 and produced significant reductions in the nuisance exotic aquatic plant, Eurasian Watermilfoil. Paradise Lake has become a leader in natural or “holistic” lake management and restoration. To visit the Paradise Lake Improvement Board website, please go to: