Maple Lake, Van Buren County, MI


Maple Lake is a 212-acre, eutrophic impoundment. The Paw Paw River enters the lake at the south end and is responsible for contributing large loads of soils from the large watershed that become excessive lake sediments. Additionally, the river contributes high quantities of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus from the large, agricultural watershed. The Village of Paw Paw has retained RLS to consult for the lake riparians, conduct a lake drawdown impact study, measure and evaluate the laminar flow aeration system, and determine the locations of Critical Source Areas (CSA’s) in the watershed that lead to water quality degradation.

The laminar flow aeration system has increased dissolved oxygen levels, reduced excess organic matter and weed growth, and has increased water clarity. Lake drawdown impacts are being evaluated in 2013 and will be reported. The Village of Paw Paw works closely with the local Conservation District, the Drain Commissioner’s Office, and grassroots organizations such as the Two Rivers Coalition. They are currently following watershed management recommendations made by RLS and will be making significiant improvements to the watershed and ultimately, the lake water quality.